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Water: Making the Difference Between Success or Failure in a Dragon Boat Race

News   •   May 10, 2018 07:14 EDT

The pure water from a Bluewater hydration station saw crowds forming to fill their re-useable drinking bottles.

Hong Kong, May 10, 2018 – Dragon boat racing is about power, speed, synchronised effort and endurance. And all those sporting attributes were on full display during the recent Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta Race in Hong Kong, when over 50 male, female and mixed teams of paddlers competed against one another on a sweltering late April day.

Dragon boat racing is a high-intensity, calorie burning sport that demands near super-human powers of endurance. A strong performance requires well fuelled and hydrated muscles, so it was ideal that Bluewater was on hand with one of its high-performance water stations to deliver competitors and spectators alike pure, clean water.

Paddlers sweat a lot, which causes excessive fluid loss. Staying well hydrated is a no-brainer for Dragon boat paddlers, professionals and amateurs alike, who need to avoid any deterioration of physical performance and mental concentration.

The Bluewater water station was located at the entrance of the event to make it highly accessible to the steady flow of people coming and going as well as competitors. During the one-day event, Bluewater served over 823 litres of pristine water, helping to end the need to use single-use plastic bottles and saving the equivalent of 1,646 plastic bottles! (50 cl bottles) from ending up in landfill, the oceans or shores around Hong Kong island.

Visitors were also given the opportunity to purchase unique and highly attractive Bluewater stainless steel bottles as part of their commitment to stop the use of single-use plastic bottles!

“At Bluewater, we want to thank all who helped the environment by using our water station and also, especially, Suzanne Younan and her organization Green Dragons Hong Kong and Nicole Quan Kep at VRC for helping us ensure that visitors to the event could enjoy water as pure as nature intended,” said Magdalena Ranagarden, Bluewater marketing director. She also praised Bluewater’s HK Distributor Clean Water Hong Kong, who installed, transported, and were responsible for the Water station during the event.

Bluewater also provided some tips for those sportspeople who sometimes find drinking plain water a little bland at times, even when they know it is key to staying hydrated to avoid dehydration or even heat stroke. “It’s easy to pep the taste up,” said Magdalena. “Just infuse with some fresh fruits like lemon or orange slices, berries or slices of cucumber.”

For more information or photos, please contact Dave Noble, Bluewater Head of PR & Communication, at or +44 7785 302 694


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