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Celebrating International Yoga Day!

Celebrating International Yoga Day!

News   •   Jun 21, 2018 05:05 EDT

Yoga is a great way to stay vibrant and healthy. And drinking purified water from Bluewater is a perfect companion to a yoga session (and in between) as it helps keep the body both charged and balanced as well as avoiding putting toxins back into it.

Drugs swamping world's rivers, say researchers

Drugs swamping world's rivers, say researchers

News   •   Apr 12, 2018 05:27 EDT

Scientists told conference goers at the European Geosciences Union gathering in Vienna that the world's rivers are are rapidly becoming clogged by clogged by prescription drug waste.

Brilliant start for Bluewater partnership with elite Swedish swimmer

Brilliant start for Bluewater partnership with elite Swedish swimmer

News   •   Nov 13, 2017 08:21 EST

Just one week after Bluewater signed a partnership deal with top Swedish swimmer Adam Paulsson, the 22-year old swim star powered through the pool to take seven medals in Sweden’s National Swim Championship last weekend, including two gold medals.

A New Database Detailing Pollutants In Virtually All U.S. Public Water Systems Is A Benchmark For Other Countries, Says Bluewater

A New Database Detailing Pollutants In Virtually All U.S. Public Water Systems Is A Benchmark For Other Countries, Says Bluewater

News   •   Aug 14, 2017 09:52 EDT

Bluewater, an innovator of advanced residential water purification technologies, has praised the initiative by the U.S. Environmental Working Group to publish a new national Tap Water Database enabling Americans to discover what potentially harmful chemicals could be their drinking water. Bluewater said the EWG project sets a benchmark for similar initiatives in other parts of the world.