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Key Questions And Answers About Bluewater

News   •   Aug 12, 2014 10:27 EDT

Q: What exactly do Bluewater’s water purifiers deliver?
Bluewater SuperiorOsmosis™ patented technology delivers on-demand cleaner, healthier water direct from the tap. Innovated with love in Sweden, Bluewater water purifiers are designed to improve user quality of life, health and wellbeing by removing practically all known contamination from drinking water, including microorganisms, pesticides, heavy metals and toxins.

Q: So do Bluewater products remove bacteria?
A: SuperiorOsmosis™ is basically second-generation reverse osmosis and removes anything larger than the water molecule, including bacteria. It drastically reduces any microorganisms in water. However, if your suspect that bacteria is present in your tap water, we also recommend adding UV-light.

Q: What kind of water do you purify?
A: Bluewater’s focus is domestic or light commercial municipal water. However, with the right pre-filtration Bluewater technology can purify most types of water – for example, Bluewater purifies brackish water in the Swedish archipelago, with TDS levels of up to 7500 PPM.

Q: Does Bluewater provide whole house solutions?
A: Bluewater’s primary focus is on tap drinking water. However, we can easily provide whole house solutions if there is demand for it.

Q: What differs Bluewater from any other Reverse Osmosis solution provider?
A: Bluewater’s two top of the line models, Spirit and Pro, utilize our patented SuperiorOsmosis™ technology that enables us to purify tap water faster, at a higher purification grade, and with less wastage of water.  The Bluewater Cleone model has won wide acclaim for being the best-in-class reverse osmosis water purifier in the industry, which is why we offer an awesome three-year warranty.

Q: But Cleone doesn’t have SuperiorOsmosis. Why would a consumer buy this water purifier instead of a cheaper version?
A: Would you trust your child’s health to the cheapest product on the market? Seriously, the Cleone defines the word ‘quality’ and boasts innovative design. In Italy, the Cleone is called ‘the tank’ because it never breaks down, working 24/7 all year round to deliver pure, fresh and tasty drinking water. We want to stress that the SuperiorOsmosis™ technology used by Bluewater™ is fully functional, proven and protected by international patents.

Q: So all your water purifiers are equally efficient?
A: Yes, the only thing that differentiates them basically is the speed and capacity of water delivered. All three Bluewater model lines excel at cleaning the most dangerous substances found in drinking water, including chlorine, hormones, medical residue, particles, lead, arsenic, toxic metal and so on…. The advanced Bluewater technology delivers an unmatched clean water delivery rate, an overall performance measurement taking into account capacity, water efficiency and filtration efficiency.

Q: What exactly is the ‘clean water delivery rate’, CWDR?
A: It is a measurement system to provide consumers a level playing field in when evaluating the performance characteristics of different water purifiers.  The Clean Water Delivery rate measures pure water production in liters/minute as well as the efficiency in terms of getting pure water and not wasting water. The measurement assumes a decrease in TDS levels of at least 95 percent.

Q: How often do you need to change the filters?
A: Our SuperiorOsmosis™ water purification technology has been designed to generate clean water 24 hours a day as and when required, using little energy and reducing the water wastage commonly associated with traditional reverse osmosis systems The frequency of filter change depends on water quality and varies from one market or area to another. In general, the pre-filters should be changed every six months.

Q: Can consumers change the filters themselves?
A: For someone who is normally handy at doing things around the home, it is not a problem, but many dealers include attractive service packages that quite a lot of people prefer.

Q: Can you get these products with any faucet?
A: Basically, yes. Bluewater’s water purifiers can be used with just about any known faucet.
About Blueblue AB

Bluewater™ is the registered trademark of Blueblue AB, a privately-owner Swedish company (registration number 556901-2866) located in Stockholm, the capital. Bengt Rittri, who also owns the leading global indoor air-cleaning brand, Blueair, which was established in 1996 and today sells its products in over 50 countries around the world, founded Bluewater™ in 2012.  Blueblue AB has acquired and integrated two first-class water purification product lines – the premium consumer brand Cleone and the unique Direct Flow water purifiers from Dometic AB.

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