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European lawmakers slam micro-plastics, demand manufactures help cover waste management costs

News   •   Oct 25, 2018 07:43 EDT

Ocean debris (Photo credit: :Magnus Larsson, iStockphoto)

Stockholm, Sweden, October 25, 2018 – Bluewater, a world leader in water purification technology and solutions, today applauded the overwhelming support by European lawmakers for a ban on widely-used, single-use plastics such as straws, bags and cotton buds.

A proposal to ban some single-use plastic products by 2021, obliges EU states to recycle around 90 percent of plastic bottles and forces manufacturers to help cover the cost of waste management.

“This is a clear-cut victory for the world’s oceans that are being swamped by plastic waste and for future generations who face the potential health consequences of micro-plastics in their food and water chains,” said Bluewater founder and CEO Bengt Rittri. The Swedish environmental entrepreneur last year launched a movement to halt the use of throwaway plastic bottles.

Mr. Rittri believes human ingenuity can be harnessed to develop technologies and solutions that can address problems such as water contamination and scarcity.

He has made it the mission of Bluewater to not only provide pure water to people everywhere with technology that can use even non-potable water but also to offer residential, commercial and public dispensing solutions that end the need for single-use plastic bottles by generating pure water at point of use.

The Bluewater Pro water purifier uses a unique reverse osmosis process called SuperiorOsmosis™ to generate up to 7,000 liters a day even from non-potable sources such as wells, rain or tough-to-purify brackish water.

An application in the summer of 2018 in the Stockholm Baltic Sea archipelago showed how the technology can be scaled to even support whole communities on water-scarce islands by generating over 40,000 liters of pure water directly from the sea.

“Bluewater has put sustainability and removing single-use plastics at the heart of the business mission by developing and delivering the technology to create water as pure as nature intended whether it is lead, microscopic plastic particles, chemicals or viruses,” said Mr. Rittri.

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Bluewater is a world leader in innovating, manufacturing and commercialising water purification technologies and solutions for residential, business and public use that harness the company’s patented, second-generation reverse osmosis technology. Bluewater water purifiers remove virtually all pollutants from water, including micro-plastic fibres, lead, bacteria, pesticides, pharmaceutical residues, chlorine, and lime-scale.

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