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Bluewater USA Inc Ramps Up U.S. Organization for Substantial 2017 Growth With Two Key Management Appointments

News   •   Mar 01, 2017 09:52 EST

Trent Virden has been appointed technical officer at Bluewater USA Inc, working from the company's Overland Park, Ks, office.

Overland Park, KS, March 1, 2017: Bluewater USA Inc, a world leader in water purification technologies for residential and commercial applications, is excited to announce the addition of Trent Virden as technical officer and David Philmlee as head of marketing to its North American team. Trent will oversee customer facing technology operations, while David will play the lead role in building Bluewater brand and image to consumer and business customers.

“In our race to make America's tap water great again, we are boosting the Bluewater USA Inc team with two professionals who each have many years of go-to experience in their respective fields,” said Lin Guo, Bluewater’s North America head. "Trent is an ultimate tech pro who has shown deep technology experience at its intersection with customer needs. And David is a proven business growth leader who brings us unique and relevant advertising and marketing savvy.Both are game changers for Bluewater in the United States!”

Virden is no stranger to the water technology world having worked in the industry for some three decades.“I am excited to join Bluewater, a Swedish company that has grown rapidly on the international stage over the past three years thanks to its innovative approach to water purification that has sparked its second-generation reverse osmosis technology to take off in Europe, China and now the USA,” said Virden.

David Philmlee heads up Bluewater's marketing in North AmericaDavid Philmlee has initiated and driven marketing operations for several America household brands, including air purification leader Blueair, which today ranks an industry leader. 

He said: “Bluewater has built an amazing reputation for their ability to deliver purified water from home and commercial taps.I’m eager to bring my creative skills and resources to bear to accelerate the delivery of what so many people anxiously need in today’s America where trust in faucet water quality is at a low point after episodes like Flint.”

Editor notes:

- Bluewater Pro, Spirit and Cleone range of water purifiers are WQA Gold Seal certified, which assures customers Bluewater’s products have been tested and certified to industry standards and meet the claims made on the company’s packaging and literature.

- Two Bluewater water purifiers donated in January 2016 to Flint, Michigan, as the lead crisis unfolded continue to deliver hundreds of gallons of contaminant-free tap water every day. The Bluewater units serving two Flint community care centers are designed to daily generate 52 gallons of safer, healthier tap drinking and cooking water, which equals 900,000 gallons of water over 12 months, or the equivalent of 3.4 million one-liter (33.8 fl.oz) bottles of water.

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