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Press Releases   •   Sep 24, 2014 06:30 EDT

The one-day UN Climate Change Summit in New York, the largest of its kind since the 2009 meeting in Copenhagen, has ended with a general consensus from government leaders to commit to action on tacking the impact of global warming. But Sweden's international Bluewater™ water purifying company says there is an urgent need to put increasing contamination of tap water on the climate change agenda.

Hospital water taps contaminated with bacteria

Hospital water taps contaminated with bacteria

Blog posts   •   Sep 15, 2014 05:44 EDT

New research finds significantly higher levels of infectious pathogens in water from faucet taps with aerators compared to water from deeper in the plumbing system. Contaminated water poses an increased risk for infection in immunocompromised patients.

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World Water Week Kicks Off In Stockholm

Blog posts   •   Sep 01, 2014 10:11 EDT

'Energy and water' is the key focus of the World Water Week that is being staged this week in Stockholm, Sweden, the home of Bluewater.

Bluewater takes over full global distribution of spare parts for its second-generation residential and light commercial water purifiers

Bluewater takes over full global distribution of spare parts for its second-generation residential and light commercial water purifiers

Press Releases   •   Aug 31, 2014 06:29 EDT

Sweden’s Bluewater water purification technology brand continues its global growth phase, taking over full worldwide distribution of spare parts from September 1 onwards for its residential and light commercial water purifiers.

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Over 24,500 worrying chemicals found in bottled water

Blog posts   •   Aug 24, 2014 12:39 EDT

German researchers in a study last year found over 24,500 chemicals in bottled water. And, apparently, some of those chemicals can act like potent pharmaceuticals in our body.

Sweden’s leading water cleaning tech company Bluewater launches in Mexico in partnership with top Mexican supplier to catering industry

Sweden’s leading water cleaning tech company Bluewater launches in Mexico in partnership with top Mexican supplier to catering industry

Press Releases   •   Aug 18, 2014 04:53 EDT

Bluewater, the Swedish residential and light commercial water purification technology company, launches sales in Mexico in partnership with Pure Water Technology, a key supplier to Mexican restaurants, to launch and sell its innovative, second generation reverse osmosis water purifiers.

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More bad news about arsenic in drinking water

Blog posts   •   Aug 15, 2014 11:27 EDT

Study shows mice exposed to arsenic in drinking water developed lung cancer

Key Questions And Answers About Bluewater

Key Questions And Answers About Bluewater

News   •   Aug 12, 2014 10:27 EDT

Bluewater SuperiorOsmosis ™ patented technology delivers on-demand cleaner, healthier water direct from the tap. Innovated in Sweden, Bluewater water purifiers improve user quality of life, health and wellbeing by removing practically all known contamination from drinking water, including micro-organisms, pesticides, heavy metals and toxins.

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Quenching your thirst from a bottle can be costly…

Blog posts   •   Aug 12, 2014 05:22 EDT

Are consumers fazed by news insights that bottled water can cost up to 2000 times more than tap water? It doesn’t seem so judging by the figures…

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California to Cap Chromium-6 in Drinking Water Welcomed by Bluewater

Press Releases   •   Jul 03, 2014 13:25 EDT

Bluewater, a Swedish company making leading-edge residential water cleaning appliances sold globally, today welcomed California’s decision to be the first American state to regulate the amount of chromium-6 allowed in its drinking water.

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China premiere for Sweden’s leading water purifiers at ISH International Trade Fair

Press Releases   •   May 06, 2014 11:06 EDT

Sweden’s leading Bluewater™ water purifying brand is to launch in China at the ISH International Trade Fair, May 13-15, 2014, in the New China International Exhibition Center. Bluewater will showcase its high-end patented SuperiorOsmosis™ water purifiers on booth E2-20.