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The Global Plastic Calamity

The Global Plastic Calamity

Documents   •   Feb 19, 2019 09:21 EST

A Bluewater and the Mirpuri Foundation White Paper exploring the impact of plastics on the human body in a bid to raise public awareness about the threat to human and planetary health and wellbeing as well as help drive human ingenuity to help fix the problem.

BW White Paper - New Water Threats, New Water Concerns

Bluewater issues new white paper looking at emerging water contaminants of concern, including pesticides, herbicides and personal care products.

Urban Tap Water Delivery: A ticking time bomb?

Our drinking water in industrialized and developing countries alike is under threat from decaying infrastructures, climate change and lack of investment. Water is our most precious resource, yet it will probably need something pretty revolutionary to ensure the availability and safety of urban tap water. This latest Bluewater Group White Paper examines the issues and solutions.