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BW White Paper - New Water Threats, New Water Concerns

Bluewater issues new white paper looking at emerging water contaminants of concern, including pesticides, herbicides and personal care products.

Urban Tap Water Delivery: A ticking time bomb?

Our drinking water in industrialized and developing countries alike is under threat from decaying infrastructures, climate change and lack of investment. Water is our most precious resource, yet it will probably need something pretty revolutionary to ensure the availability and safety of urban tap water. This latest Bluewater Group White Paper examines the issues and solutions.



Documents   •   Sep 11, 2015 12:23 EDT

Bluewater has launched its latest corporate catalog that explains its vision, mission, unique technologies and products.

Filter or Purify Your Residential Tap Water? A Bluewater White Paper examines the difference and explains the benefits of purification.

Is our tap water as safe to drink as most of us believe? Would we be better off filtering or purifying the water before consuming it? A new Bluewater White Paper examines the challenge facing consumers and businesses who want to take the health qualities and safety of drinking water into their own hands by choosing between filtering or purifying their tap water.

Bluewater releases thought-provoking paper on the future of drinking water purification

A newly published report from water purifying brand Bluewater seeks to provide consumers and business owners an informed look at the most optimal water cleaning technologies available today for use at home and in workplaces. The thought-provoking white paper is titled ‘Stimulating Public Awareness About Tap Water Purification At Home’.