Environment a top winner at the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, set to be greenest marathon on the planet

Press Releases   •   Sep 24, 2018 07:27 EDT

Cape Town's environment was one of the top winners in the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, with the use of single-use plastics significantly reduced and no municipal water used in the water scarce city thanks to unique Bluewater mobile water stations that kept runners and onlookers hydrated and saved the use of plastics equivalent to 2600 standard water bottles.

Bluewater helps avoid need for 2,380 plastic bottles during Hong Kong’s IRIS yoga festival

Press Releases   •   Sep 23, 2018 08:07 EDT

Bluewater hydration station helped yoga fans at massive open-air yoga and meditation festival refill their own bottles with pure water and avoid the need to buy single-use plastic bottles.

Stay focused: Why you need to keep up your swim training all winter long

Blog posts   •   Oct 17, 2018 09:16 EDT

Swedish swim champ Adam Paulsson explains why the swimmers among us need to shrug off the wintertime blues and keep focused on maintaining a high level of training.

It’s starting! The Ocean Cleanup begins removing plastic waste from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Blog posts   •   Oct 16, 2018 07:55 EDT

A 600-meter long pipe has started collecting the plastic waste that makes up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a huge floating pile of trash twice the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean midway between San Francisco and Hawaii. It's a herculean task applauded by Bluewater which is on its own mission to rid the planet of single-use plastic bottles.

Bluewater to rock the show with pristine water at Cape Towns Rocking the Daisies, the world’s first major festival not to serve any drinks in plastic cups

Press Releases   •   Oct 02, 2018 13:34 EDT

Plastic cups, straws and single use plastics have been banned at the upcoming Rocking Daisies festival in Cape Town, where Bluewater will be on hand to serve pure water without plastic from non-municipal sources to keep music lovers sound of body and mind with water as cool as the music.

Bluewater serves up pure clean water for Swedish women entrepreneurs at two-day conference

News   •   Sep 30, 2018 09:52 EDT

Drinking water is a great way to fight fatigue and stay alert. So Bluewater was a natural choice to step in as official water supplier at a major two-day conference in Uppsala, Sweden, for over 100 Swedish women entrepreneurs and health and business advocacy experts.

Drinking clean water, or is it?

Blog posts   •   Sep 28, 2018 04:13 EDT

Global offshore sailing hero and record-breaking yachtswoman Dee Caffari asks how safe is our drinking water in the first of a series of blog posts as a Bluewater global brand ambassador. She says we all need to ask more questions about tap water quality as more and more pollutants are shown to be ending up in our water system.

52 Super Series 2018 Annual Sustainability Prize Goes to South African Team Phoenix, Bluewater hydration station donated to Mallorca

News   •   Sep 24, 2018 10:02 EDT

52 Super Sailing Series team Phoenix crowned “Greenest Team of the Year” at the final prize-giving ceremony held Saturday in Valencia. Their prize, a water hydration station donated by 52 SUPER SERIES Sustainability Partner, Bluewater, will be installed in Puerto Portals to help leave a positive legacy on the Balearic Island.

Bluewater Sponsors China’s First Offshore Sailing Tournament

Press Releases   •   Sep 23, 2018 06:25 EDT

Inaugural China Open Sailing (COS) tournament launches with six teams competing using single keel 43-foot boats over a series of legs that take in regional sailing centers Dalian, Shanghai, Quanzhou and Shenzhen.

Divine tasting water from Bluewater hydrates Hong Kong yoga fans

News   •   Sep 22, 2018 04:55 EDT

Hong Kong’s largest health & wellness festival, Iris, hosts thousands of yoga fans the weekend of 22/23 September in Central Harbour Front, Hong Kong Island. And Bluewater is supplying divine water as pure as nature intended to keep body and mind sound by staying hydrated.

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