Bluewater Showcases New Water Station Solutions at WQA Denver Expo

Press Releases   •   Mar 27, 2018 13:19 EDT

Trailblazing water purifying company Bluewater premiers public water station at Water Quality 
Association Expo in Denver


Dive in!

Blog posts   •   Nov 10, 2017 13:27 EST

A monthly blog for Bluewater by elite Swedish swimmer Adam Paulsson as he goes for Olympic medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games


Bluewater Champions Fight Against Plastic Pollution, Outlines Season of Action

Press Releases   •   Apr 20, 2018 13:21 EDT

Water advocacy brand seeks to mobilize communities showing heightened awareness of water pollution, micro- and single-use-plastics


Drugs swamping world's rivers, say researchers

News   •   Apr 12, 2018 05:27 EDT

Scientists told conference goers at the European Geosciences Union gathering in Vienna that the world's rivers are are rapidly becoming clogged by clogged by prescription drug waste.


Svalka dig i poolen både innan och under sommaren

Blog posts   •   Apr 11, 2018 01:14 EDT

En pool är även det bästa gymmet året runt. Simning är både kul och ett bra sätt att träna på, skriver Adam Paulsson, svensk simstjärna sponsrad av Bluewater, i hans senaste blog..


Bluewater's Swedish swim star Adam Paulsson sets new Swedish record and qualifies for the European Championship in Glasgow

Press Releases   •   Apr 10, 2018 13:29 EDT

Sweden's pool viking, Bluewater's Swedish swim star Adam Paulsson will travel to Glasgow for the August 2018 European Championships with a complete commitment to add to the medals he has already collected.


Adam Paulsson sätter nytt svenskt rekord och kvalar in till Europeiska Mästerskapen i Glasgow

Press Releases   •   Apr 10, 2018 11:57 EDT

Med våren i antågande är Adam Paulsson, svensk simstjärna sponsrad av Bluewater, förväntansfull inför vad som kommer att ske härnäst.


Get cool in the pool!

Blog posts   •   Apr 08, 2018 07:56 EDT

Get cool in the pool before you hit the beach this summer! in his latest blog, Bluewater swim ace Adam Paulsson rates the pool one of the best gyms for working out all year round. Give it a go, take the plunge!


Bluewater describes new evidence of higher microplastic concentrations nearer cities as worrying

News   •   Mar 26, 2018 16:43 EDT

Latest results from the Volvo Ocean Race groundbreaking Science Programme points to greatest levels of plastic particles near cities such as Melbourne and Hong Kong.


Bluewater says million dollar urban drinking water scarcity challenge is geared to find solutions to clean drinking water scarcity 

Press Releases   •   Mar 22, 2018 00:21 EDT

As the world celebrates World Water Day, Bluewater, a world leader in innovative water purification technologies, announces a global million dollar urban drinking water scarcity challenge geared to identify and deploy entrepreneurial solutions to tackle clean drinking water issues in mega-cities across the planet.

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